Max started racing BMX at the Bendigo BMX Club in 1998, where he grew up riding with Brock Tuckerman, Dallas Gale, Mark Croxford and coached by Brett Tyack. He attended numerous open meetings around Victoria and attended two Victorian State Championship events. He stuck at it until 2001 where he decided to pursuit basketball as his preferred sport. Once basketball had ran it’s course Max started body building which he continued for approximately 3 1/2 years.

In 2007 Max had been to the Shepparton BMX club to watch an open meeting, which sparked his passion for BMX. In 2007 Max made the return to BMX. Max got in contact with and old friend, Brock Tuckerman, bought a new 20″ BMX and joined the Geelong BMX club where he hasn’t looked back..

In 2010 Max had secured a sponsorship deal with South Australian based team “Pedal Mulisha” and was representing the team at major events before the team fell apart, and he went his own way. Since then he was working hard towards various goals, making podiums and collecting titles along the way. He won his first state championship in South Australia in 2011 and made his first National Title final in Cairns in the same year, where he placed a very respectable 3rd.

Max joined team in 2011. It was his positive attitude to racing and a string of good results as an A pro on flat pedals that landed him the spot.

In 2012 Max had his eyes firmly set on the Australian Championship crown, in April, however it didn’t quite go to plan. A heavy fall in practice put him out of the event. In recovery Max is still pumped for a shot at the World Championships in Birmingham, UK in May, and them making the trip over the the USA to race the prestigious Presidents Cup and Grand Nationals from 22nd-25th November.

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