Mountain Bikes

Top 10 Mountain Bikes

Biking is a great thing to do. You do as a hobby, for the enjoyment or as a professional; it has quite a lot to offer. If considering heading out to the mountains with your bike, for that you would need to scroll through the list of mountain bikes. All bikes do not have the capability to take on the rough terrain of a mountain so have a look at what are your choices.

What are the types of mountain bikes?

Even in this class of bikes, there is further subdivision. Some bikes offer great balance while some offer great speed and strength. The best way to know the strength and weakness of a bike is to visit a mountain bike sale and easily you will get to know which bike you should not buy. Majorly, the bikes are classified according to the use you are expected to put it into. Here are some of the types of bikes that you might be looking for:


These bikes are made for speed. They easily gain speed as you go downhill and have a superior brake to get hold of that speed when needed.


These are built to give you the perfect ride for longer period. They are hardy. They have good speed on the pedal. And they are very lightweight.


Similar to a cross-country bike, but have a greater suspension to enable you to enjoy the natural trails more comfortably. These also offer a better body position for riding through the trails.


As the name implies, it is built for free riding. Chain rings are small. The best part of the bike is its strength. It can absorb a lot of shock while going down the hill.

Now if you have learnt what you should be looking for your particular ride, here are some of the top mountain bikes that you can buy.

GT Zaskar 100 Hans Rey

GT Zaskar 100 Hans ReyOne of the unique bikes you will find in this list. It is 26-inch wheel bike. With the popularity of larger wheels, such bikes are diminishing fast. But this particular bike can give the other bikes run for their money. It was launched in limited edition last year featuring some parts which Hans Rey has been known to use for himself.

Carrera Kraken

Carrera KrakenIf you are looking for a comfortable ride in the mountains, then you might end your search here. One of the best cheap mountain bikes for the trail riding. Very comfortable positioning of the body with high quality suspension makes travelling on the roughest trails smooth.

Islabikes Beinn 29

Islabikes Beinn 29Built by the champion off-road racer, Isla Rowntree, was sure to gather fame. It was built as a part-time customization project and end up being one of the most popular off-road bikes. This bike offers the best ride for the beginners on any mountain or trail of their choice.

Pivot Mach 429 Carbon

Pivot Mach 429 CarbonModified Mach 429 version with carbon body is lighter and stronger mountain bike than its predecessor. More modification has been noted, chainstays have shortened, ISCG 05 chainguide is added and geometry has been bit alter to give the new version a better performance on the trails.

Trek Superfly 100 SL

Trek Superfly 100 SLThis bike weighing around a pound can be your choice of bike if you are looking for a speedy bike. The developers have added a mechanism similar to the race bikes by the same developer to provide firm suspension, while strokes to increase balance and strong body to climb mountains at relatively high-speed.

Devinci Wilson Carbon RC

Devinci Wilson Carbon RCThis downhill bike provides high quality comfort to keep your morale high while speeding down the slopes. The stand over has been made low for greater control. The bike can very easily go to high speeds and also can easily take the force of high and long jumps that the speed might invite.

Yeti ARC Carbon Race

Yeti ARC Carbon RaceThis bike has been made lighter to provide greater speed compared to the previous edition. It packs XT brake levers, Shimano XT 2×10 Drivetrain and other race quality components to give you are perfect product ready to get racing in.

Turner Burner 27.5

Turner Burner 27.5Packed with quality suspension of DW-Link, provides a very smooth ride on any terrain you can name of. Add ISGC 05 tabs to that you have one of the best mountain bike in the 27.5 category of bikes.

Santa Cruz V10C

Santa Cruz V10CWith a DH frame that weighs less than 8 pounds, you have this bike as the downhill speeding machine. It adjustable rear suspension and Enve wheels, it has the capability to outrace even good bikes if in the hands of good rider.

Turner Czar

Turner CzarAnother bike from the Turner brand which proves to provide high-speed even in rough terrain yet providing the rider with sufficient comfort to enjoy the ride. Added with a good mechanism to control the back wheels bobbing, it can give a tough competition to any of the mountain bikes in its category.

These were some of the great mountain bikes that you can look to buy to enjoy the mountains like you have never enjoyed before.